Wednesday, September 28, 2011

pout-pout faces

The girls were playing dress-up the other day and when I tried to take a picture, Karlie gave me this face:
Karis quickly tried to follow suit:
But she couldn't hold the pout for long :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our crazy pets

I've mentioned before that our dog is crazy obsessed with our sweet baby. Here is yet another picture of Pup-pup plopping down in Abbi's lap... much to her delight!

And on Monday Abbi slept in later than usual. I finally heard her waking up and went in to get her and found this:
Oh, she was so excited that kitty had pushed opened her door and jumped in her bed! Abbi's door does not close tightly unless you pull it really hard and make a loud click sound. Kitty knows this and often pushes it open to go sleep in her closet. Monday was the first day that he actually jumped in bed with her and he has done it ever since -- I cannot tell you how many times he has recently woken her up from a nap! You better believe that I am now being quite careful about the door :)
Abbi is always wanting to touch the kitty, but usually the big girls get all his attention. She decided to take her big opportunity to see how he tasted...
And to grab his tail...
So excited to have him to herself!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Finding time to potty train the second child :)

A month before Abbi was due, I thought I'd see if Karlie would learn to use the potty... so I wouldn't have 2 in diapers at the same time. She did great (way better than I expected), but my horrible pregnancy back could not handle running her to the potty every time she realized she had to go and I gave it up after a day. I could hardly move that night. Call me a quitter if you want, but the girl wasn't even two yet and bending over was not my forte with a humongous belly!

A month after Abbi was born, Karlie decided she wanted to go potty. For two weeks straight, she used the potty every time Karis did. (Karis only goes 3 times a day: when she wakes up, before naps at 1:00, and before bed at 7:00) That would obviously have been the perfect time to officially bare her bum and get rid of diapers, but with a one month old who was nursing constantly and not sleeping much at night, I just didn't have the energy to fool with it. And I had the bizarre idea that Karis might potty train her sister all by herself so why interfere? Unfortunately, Karlie got bored with the whole thing after 2 weeks of being a potty pro and I was too tired to force the issue. I decided to wait for warmer weather.

When summertime hit, Karlie was staying dry in between diaper changes, usually filling it up only at naptime and bedtime. I knew she was ready but was amazed at the stubbornness of my two year old. She loved her new undies and kept them dry, would sit on the potty as often as I asked, but simply refused to fill it up. Treats did not matter. Food was obviously not the way to her heart as it was for Karis :) We had much traveling planned for the summer and I didn't want to fool with potential accidents on our trips so I decided to give her until our last trip was completed and then give all her diapers to Abbi, come what may :)

We came home from our last trip Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Karlie gave all the diapers to Abbi. We had been talking about this exciting day that Karlie would finally be a big girl and she was ready and so excited. I had also thought really hard about what Karlie likes to do more than anything and had a major breakthrough: STICKERS! My girl will do stickers all day long if the stickers don't run out! So I ordered an awesome sticker book for her and informed her that every time she put something in her potty, she could do a whole page. After that first page, she got excited and was a pro from then on. She only had one accident the entire time and that was really my fault for forgetting to remind her to go because she had been doing so well. She is even staying dry at nap time!

So on the one hand, I feel a little guilty for making her wait so long to learn how to use the potty because the delay was really my fault each time. I just didn't have the time/ energy to persevere. But on the other hand, waiting so long made it really easy when I was finally ready to go for it! Yay for Karlie!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

cute conversations

Karis: I like to help Karis pee and poop
Mama: Yes, thank you for being such a big helper to Karlie and teaching her to go potty!
Karis: Karlie, do you like me to help you go potty?
Karlie: Oh, yes, because you are my special!
Karis: Well, I'm not special but I am helpful!

Abbi is grunting like crazy in her highchair, telling me she wants more avocado...
Me, joking: Well, what does that mean?
Karlie: Abbi needs to poop!

Karlie: Mama, I'm going to be Abbi's Teacher... I'm going to teach her how to do everything!
Karis: When I grow up, I'm going to work at Daddy's work... or teach kids how to swim.

Words of wisdom from Mama: It's hard to go potty with a dinosaur on!

Mama: Karlie, you need to clean up your papers before you do anything else
Karlie: I go get My-na baby!
Mama: No Karlie. You have to clean up first.
Karlie: But Mama, My-na baby LOVES me!

(To my girls, getting married means holding hands, singing, and dancing around in a circle)
Karis: Please marry me, Karlie!
Karlie: Ok, but just for a minute
Karis: And then we can have babies!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lunch with lots of littles!

We just got back from a fast and fabulous trip back home. It was amazing all that we packed in just a few short days, but one of the highlights was grabbing lunch with some of my favorite people! Between us, there was a 4-year old, a 3-year old, a 2-year old, a 16-month old, a 13-month old, a 7-month old, a 2.5 week-old, and two pregnant mamas. Here are all the happy Mamas... oh, I am just so thankful for their friendship!
The husbands came, too, but we didn't get a picture of all of them together :)
Here are a few of the munchkins playing together after they ate. We finally got them all out of their chairs and they played stickers in a circle on the floor while we chatted a bit longer. So fun! I hope we get to visit them often so they will grow up to be good friends!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Abbi on the move... her primary victim...

Abbi finally realized this week that she is capable of army-crawling across the room at will. Her primary victim (other than the big girls' little people, of course) is her ever constant companion...
It's a good thing that dog loves her so much!
And every now and then, Pup-pup will totally make Abbi's day by just sitting right down in her lap!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I just love these girls!

Abbi and her constant companion -- I tell ya, I have never seen a dog more protective over a baby. Pup-pup LOVES my Dad and begs for him to rub her and he gives her bones all the time, but she wouldn't even let him sit on the floor and play with Abbi. It was hilarious! Pup-pup kept laying down in between them. Perfectly happy and nice, but insistent. And don't even try to to come near Abbi if you are a stranger! This dog will growl at you like she is going to eat you up! She really thinks that Abbi is her own baby, I think.
My nosy girls... if the neighbors are out, they love to climb on the fence and watch them, ha!
Abbi kept trying to get My-na baby or Karlie's hair and Karlie thought it was hilarious.
My crazy Karlie!
Abbi blows bubbles non-stop and she gets such a big kick if you blow them back :)
My 3 favorite girls ever!
"just like Papa!" -- my dad always buys a paper and reads it every day so Karis decided she would, too!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun at Daddy's ball game!

Mark plays in a basketball tournament each Thursday night at his work. His game is usually too late for the girls, but this week it was at 7:00 and I had the grandparents' help, so we let them stay up to see some of it. I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any cute pictures, but let me tell you, they were so excited! It was the first time they had seen any real basketball in person and they thought it was hilarious to see those big guys chasing the ball up and down the court. They laughed hysterically for most of the game and said some really funny things. I wish I had written them down because I can't remember most of it, but here are two funny conversations:

After the first scramble after the ball, Karis exclaimed, "Mama! they aren't sharing the ball!"

After about 2 minutes of watching, Karlie decided that she wanted to play with them...
Karlie: Mama, I want to go play ball with Daddy!
Me: But Karlie, don't you see how big those guys are?
Karlie: Well, I'm a big girl!
Me, laughing: But Karlie, look at them. You aren't quite that big yet.
Karlie: Well, Daddy can pick me up and give me the ball and then I'll be really big!"

Friday, September 9, 2011

Abbi Grace at 7 months!

Oh, what a delightful age for a delightful baby! 7 months is just so much fun! Abbi is ever so interactive now -- she loves nothing better than for us to blow bubbles back and forth with her or trade squeals. She really tries to have conversations with us through her squeals. It is so cute!

She has been a pro at sitting up and having fun with her toys on a blanket for the last month, but that is apparently no longer exciting. The whole sitting up thing only lasts about a minute now because this big girl believes that she can crawl! She doesn't get anywhere very fast, but boy is she determined! I'm thinking that my easy days are over and she will be moving pretty fast in the next week or two. Time to re-organize and get all the big-girl little things put away somewhere safe! And soon I will have to start vacuuming daily, I'm afraid, because she wants to put every speck of dirt or tiny bit of fuzz in her mouth. But it is exciting because it will make her so happy to be able to crawl. I'm still not ready for it, though :)
Abbi loves her Pup-pup and kitty and oh, she will just fuss and grunt and push until she gets close enough to touch them! Thankfully, they seem to know that she is a baby and are quite tolerant. Pup-pup is especially protective over Abbi and does not like for guests to play with her!

Karis and Karlie are Abbi's best distractions and they take quite good care of her. They always tell me if she has gotten ahold of something that she is not supposed to eat and are ever so happy to entertain her. Karis has really enjoyed Abbi's new eating habits and loves to give her food. Abbi loves to eat her daily plain yogurt with probiotics, avocado, and fermented cod liver oil. She has also really enojyed the occasional diced bananas, soft boiled egg yolks with olive oil, chicken with stock, applesauce, squash with butter, and peaches. She is currently quite excited about diced soft carrots with cinnamon, sea salt, and coconut oil!

Nina and Papa brought down a new swing for Abbi and she just thinks it is so much fun! It has been perfect for this fall weather and now I can swing all 3 of my girls at the same time!
Other random things about Abbi at 7 months:

-- Abbi absolutely LOVES my Ergo and Beco carriers and will start kicking and squealing at the mere sight of them.

-- Abbi has decided that the carseat is the perfect place to poop and pretty much always makes a big mess whenever we go out. She has done it so often that I should not be surprised, yet I always am.

-- Abbi is a fabulous car rider and is just about aways happy in the car. She will just talk and play and have the best time. What a blessing!

-- Abbi really needs to be in bed by 6:30 every night. If she stays up later, she believes that she is up for the night and has a really hard time settling down to go to sleep.

Abbi LOVES to play with hair -- whenever she goes to bed too late because we are out of the house, the only way to get her to settle down is to lay on the bed beside her and let her play with my hair. Then she will fall asleep while playing with it. It is so sweet (except that she can pull pretty hard before she winds down :)
Oh, I love my little sweetie so much!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun conversations

Karlie: may I please have some more toast?
Mama: After you finish your eggs
Karlie: But God made all things!
(to which I unfortunately burst out laughing, because it was great logic for a 2-year old... but now she says it in response to EVERYTHING!)

Karis: "No, Karlie, we don't put wild turkeys in your mouth... they might bite you!"
(I have absolutely no idea what spurred on that response!)

Karis, after doing her 1st day of school handprint and I had talked about how we would do one each year to see how big her hand grew: "Mama, can I watch my handprint grow?"

"If you don't like it, then just don't eat it!" (Karis, admonishing her Daddy not to complain when he said he wasn't fond of something I made ... she has often heard me telling her not to complain about food she doesn't like :)

Karis: After the 5th day of school, I'll be grown up!"

Karis, getting possessive over her Papa: "But Papa can't go to soccer class with Benjamin (her cousin) because the kids won't know that he is staying at my house!"

Friday, September 2, 2011

My little Pirates

My girls know absolutely nothing about pirates, but they had the pleasure of attending two fun pirate birthday parties two weekends in a row. They still know nothing about pirates, but they sure do love the dress-up and whistles and swords they brought home!
Dressed in their Sunday best... with eye patches :)
They wanted so badly to blow their whistles but Abbi was napping. So I told them they could blow on the front porch. They stayed out there happily blowing for at least 20 minutes!

The 2nd party was pool pirate party with blow-up swords!

Ummm... never really thought I'd be seeing tattoos on my sweet girls... let alone skulls! But at least there is pink to balance out the evilness, ha, ha! And hopefully they will wash off in a few days :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crazy hair and an update

Sweet Abbi Grace appears to be completely healthy now and I am soooo thankful! She is still struggling emotionally somewhat and is having a hard time letting me put her down for naps and still waking up a lot at night. I haven't been able to get her back to her normal schedule at all. (Interpretation: for the life of me, I can't get her to nap at the same time as her big sisters! UGH!) And she doesn't fuss any more -- she just flat out goes straight to hysterical when she gets upset. But I'm thinking that is still part of the trauma of her crazy weekend and will hopefully pass soon. She is healthy and mostly happy when awake and I sure don't mind snuggling with her to help comfort her when she gets upset. So I am just thankful and trying very hard not to dwell on what happened.

So I thought I'd share these pictures because they straight out make me laugh :) I had no idea the girl had so much hair until I washed it and put her down for a nap and she woke up like this:
I decided that it was undoubtedly time to beak out the bows (YAY!) but Abbi was just not so sure about it :)

Oh, she is just such a sweetie!