Thursday, June 30, 2011

Karlie Sue at 2.5 years

June marks the half-way point in Karlie's 2nd year, so I thought it was definitely time for an update on her!

Karlie is such a petite little ball of energy, hardly sitting still for a second except to read a book or catch a snuggle. She will often just chatter and sing away during naptime while Karis is conked out beside her. She is very affectionate and very stubborn. She has a great big belly laugh that seems surprising coming out of such a tiny person.

Karlie absolutely hates the potty, but has great control and can keep her big-girl underwear dry all morning until I finally put her diaper on her at naptime. But just don't ask her to use the potty :) Karlie loves her sisters and nothing makes her laugh harder than when she makes Abbi laugh! She has gotten excited about reading to Abbi and will often take a book over to her and make up words for the pictures. It is so cute! She also thinks that she can do absolutely anything that Karis does and she is usually correct :) She has no fear of trying new things and keeps me on my toes on a regular basis.
Karlie has reached the picky stage when it comes to eating and has quickly found that Mama is not a short-order cook. I am thankful that she loves our fresh milk so much because if she does not like what I am fixing, she simply fills up on milk. She will always eat her favorite apple-sausage, home-made cereal or granola, blueberries, peas, power bars, and chocolate cod liver oil.
Like her older sister, Karlie loves to sing and dance. Rather than walking, she pretty much bounces from place to place. Karlie has a very precise, distinctive speech that is so different from the way Karis used to talk at that age. It is odd, but so cute and cracks us up on a regular basis. She picks up phrases that we say a lot and uses them randomly, which is hilarious. Right now, her favorite thing to say is, "So that's why, Mama!" She will also often ask a question and end with "yes or no?" because Karis often does that. Karlie will gladly talk to anyone she sees, both friend and stranger, and will usually immediately introduce herself as "Karwie Sue" and her sisters as "Dardis Wynn" and "Abbi Brace." Oh, it is so cute :)
Karlie is very persistent and will often make the same request over and over and over if the given response is not desired. It is very hard to deter her when her mind is set. I can't wait to see how God uses such determination for His glory as she grows older! For now, we are working on being respectful and not arguing with an undesirable answer to a request :)
Karlie loves being outside and especially playing in water. She will even go outside without Karis and entertain herself in the sandbox and swingset.

Oh, how I love my spunky, affectionate little girl. She is growing up much too fast, but I am enjoying every minute of it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My favorite girls :)

I was on the floor, playing with Abbi, when Karlie jumped on my back. Then Karis decided to join in the fun. I'm so glad that Mark grabbed the camera because these pics of my silly girls sure do make me smile!

Oh, how I love my girls!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cloth diaper update

When I first started cloth diapers almost 4 years ago, I was totally enamored with the Bum Genius One Size diapers. I thought it was awesome that you could buy 1 diaper and it would fit the baby through the extent of her diapering days. I still think it is a great idea, but the original Bum Genius diapers used velcro and by my second baby, the velcro had lost its stickiness. Ugh! However, you can buy the newer version with snaps (Yay!) and I'm sure they are wonderful and last much longer.

But right before Abbi was born, I found a great deal on Groupon for Fuzzibunz Perfect Size diapers and I have have to say they are my new favorite diaper! So soft and easy to use! I got a bunch of smalls because they fit up to 18 pounds and my other babies stayed under 18 pounds till almost a year. But Abbi is a bit more of a chunk so I might end up buying some mediums before long :) I'm hoping for another 50% off sale before then, though!

Anyways, I don't get any compensation for blogging about the diapers but I just thought I should give an update for those who might be thinking about getting some :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day at the Lake!

My parents came to visit us for Father's Day and we decided to spend the day at a nearby lake. It was so much fun and we were kicking ourselves for not having gone there in the previous 4 years that we have lived here! We had no idea that such a fun little beach area was so close... we will definitely go many more times this summer!

The girls were so excited and begging to jump in the water while we unloaded our junk :)
Hopping and skipping and splashing into the water:
My sandy big girl:
My fearless swimmer :)

Karis absolutely LOVED the fact that she could freely splash around in water up to her shoulders. The lake was a lot easier than the beach because the girls did not have to hold our hands when they wanted to be in the water because there were no big waves. We still kept them very close, of course, but they definitely enjoyed having a little more freedom to splash around :)
And Karlie wanted Daddy to give her "swimming lessons" all day long :)
The water was fairly warm and Abbi really enjoyed it! I could sit down in the water and bounce her up and down and she would just laugh and squeal. So cute!
Having fun with my baby :)
I didn't watch the time closely enough and Abbi got a little bit overtired and fussy this trip. But a tight snuggle with Grandma or a bounce in my sling made it all better very quickly!
I think a baby in a bathing suit is really the cutest thing ever :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All about Daddy:

In honor of Father's Day, I decided to ask the girls a few questions about Daddy. Karlie decided that she didn't want to talk until the very last question, so the rest of the answers are from Karis :)

What is Daddy's favorite color: "blue and green"

What does Daddy like to eat? "Peanuts and chips" (a really funny answer because Daddy does not usually have peanuts to eat... he does use peanut butter on his sandwiches, though, and she cannot, so I'm thinking that is where she got the idea :)

What does Daddy do the best? "Games"

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? "babydolls, the Ladder game (Chutes and Ladders), squirt the water hose" (a recent nightly ritual where they water the plants together and then take turns squirting each other :)

Where do you like to go with Daddy? "EVERYWHERE! Grocery store, swim lessons, library. I just like to go everywhere with him and I like him to be home with me!"

What is something Daddy always gets at the grocery store? "Ice cream!"

What does Daddy do at work? "Play soccer and basketball"

Karlie's only comment: "Daddy shares with me his sausage!!!" (she loves chicken apple sausage from Trader Joe's and always eats hers and begs for more at breakfast :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our daily hero...

On my second date with Mark, I went to visit his church with him and saw the youth hanging all over him, giving him a hard time, and laughing with him about everything. And I thought to myself that Mark DeLong would make a fine Daddy someday. And he had just found out that he was going to be an uncle for the first time and was absolutely giddy about it. It was so cute. Even though we had just "met" the day before, I was already daydreaming about our future children together...
When our first little bundle of joy finally arrived, he was so excited and had an opinion about everything concerning her. He gave Karis her first bath and he even picked out her first outfit and pink headband for her "hospital photos."
And that baby grew up and her heart undoubtedly belongs to Daddy. All day long she talks about what she is going to do with him when he gets off of work. Almost every morning she asks if he is off work and can stay home to play. When she is uncertain about trying something new, Daddy is the only one who can calm her fears and help her to try it.

His hands got a little more full when Karlie came along, because she quickly grew to adore Daddy as well. But somehow he managed to keep them both happy :)

Karlie's favorite thing to do in the evenings when Mark is home is to run full-steam ahead and just leap on top of Daddy. He catches her in mid-air and throws her over his head and onto the couch behind him. Over and over and over and over again. She would do it all night if we let her stay up. Mark is also quite the tickle monster and both girls enjoy it tremendously. They squeal and scream, all the while begging for more.

Now that we have yet another sweet baby, Mark's arms are never empty. He is such a help to me at home, mopping my kitchen floor and washing dishes and even fixing breakfast often! He takes care of the bedtime routine and nightly wearing out of the girls :) When we go out and about, he is the one who carries everything/everyone, changes Karlie's diaper, and settles disputes while I am taking care of Abbi. Oh, I am so thankful for him! He truly knows how to lead by serving.

And we love him so much!!! Thanks for being such great Daddy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Yes, I do know that Memorial Day was about 3 weeks ago. But I'm just now going through the pictures, so please let me enjoy it again!

On Saturday evening as we were in the car going to a graduation party, Mark nonchalantly mentioned that he had just found out that he had Memorial Day off from work. I immediately had the crazy idea that we should head to VA to spend the holiday with our folks. (We had recently been talking about how we couldn't do any major vacations this year, but are just hoping to take many short trips back home to enjoy being with family.)

So the next morning, we packed up for a quick trip to VA! (I won't say that the packing was quick, though... it is amazing how much junk you have to take for 3 kids even when it is just one night!!!)

Karlie found this hat at Grandma and Papa's and thought it was great because it was so sparkly :)
One of the most fun things about Grandma and Papa's house in the sumer is their awesome pool. I didn't really expect for the girls to swim in it this trip, though, because Papa had just opened it yesterday. That means that the water was only about 74 degrees. Too cold for me! I much prefer it to be at least 80, preferably 82! I brought the girls' bathing suits only because I thought they would do the sprinkler again.
But apparently little girls do not care at all how freezing cold they are if they are having a blast in a beautiful pool! They spent every possible waking moment in that pool covered with chill bumps and grinning just as big as their face would let them.
Kudos to Mark and Papa Eric. They win "the most awesome guys ever" award for being willing to get in the chilly pool with the girls.
And Papa Eric was a champ at making the girls squeal hysterically and letting them do crazy things to him (like pour water on his head over and over and over and over and over...)
Here re the dueling turtles that are the girls' absolute favorites! Papa and Daddy would race them back and forth across the pool and the girls would just squeal and laugh!

Karlie got her first swimming lesson as well. She has really enjoyed going to Karis' swim lessons at a local pool and begged Daddy over and over to do the drills she has watched Karis do every week.
And the best part was that the girls got to have BOTH sets of grandparents for the afternoon! Nina and Papa came down to hang out for a while also!
Sweet Abbi slept most of the day, but came out to smile and drool at us in between naps :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abbi Grace at 4 Months!

My sweet little chunky monkey is getting so big! She weighs almost 15 pounds now and is just so much fun! Abbi is getting so much more verbal, cooing and squealing almost non-stop when she is awake. She loves for anyone to make faces at her, blow raspberries on her belly, or allow her to grab some hair :) Oh, how she gets so tickled about hair. She will laugh so hard she almost cries when I tickle her with my hair and let her catch it!

Abbi is really into grabbing at everything now and loves her toys hanging from her car seat. I have to be so careful when I hold her at the table because she will grab my plate or cup in an instant!
Abbi started rolling over when she was just a month old, but now she is so chunky that she can no longer do it! Ha! But that doesn't mean that she sits still. No, this girl is constantly in motion, kicking and reaching for toys and craning her neck to see her sisters. She found her toes soon after her 3rd month and hasn't let go since :)
Abbi is sleeping much more soundly at night now, going stretches of 5-7 hours now. Oh, it is wonderful! She still loves her swaddle and pillows in bed and wakes up ever so happy. She is perfectly content to coo and play in her crib for quite a while before I get her up in the morning.
Abbi still has her deep blue eyes that look so much like Karis', so I'm thinking that she will keep them and be fair skinned like her oldest sister. Her hair was mostly dark at birth, but is growing in a bit lighter with reddish undertones.
Abbi continues to be a very easy, low key, happy baby, only fussing when she needs to burp or take a nap. She is still the "spittingest" baby I've had yet, and loves to drench anyone who holds her :)

Abbi absolutely loves her sisters and if they are playing nicely on the floor, I can just set her on a blanket and go do my chores because she will watch them for the longest time. And when they smile and talk to her, oh it just makes her day! We all just adore this sweet baby girl!
(Oh, and did I mention the drool? Definitely working on those teeth :)