Tuesday, December 6, 2011

While you were away...

Whew! Daddy has been away at a fancy-shmancy GM get-away business trip with his up and ups for the past 3 days and I cannot tell you how much we've missed him! I am so very thankful that he is on his way home this very moment! I usually chicken out and run to the grandparents in times like these but since we had just come back from a trip (and Abbi desperately needed some consistency in her schedule) and none of the grandparents could get off work due to the holiday season, I figured I could hold my own for a few days. And I did. But I can't say that I liked it. I hold a new respect for single moms and military moms... I sure wouldn't like to be on my own on a regular basis!

So Daddy, this is what happened while you were away:

... I made poor Pup-pup stay inside every night to guard our door when she would have much rather been galavanting around the country-side. But she makes me feel safe. (When she is guarding my door... not when she is growling at and herding our neighbors to protect her girls.)

.... And Pup-pup was really jealous when I threw out the cat each night (I'd let him sleep on the bed with me but he inevitably wakes up at 2am every night and insists on hollering) who now probably hates me because I am the cuddler and you are the "throw-the-cat-out-every-night-er."

... you will be happy to know that I actually remembered to lock all the doors each night and my Mom will be happy to know that I kept my car clicker by my bed so if I heard a noise I could sound the car alarm and scare the living daylights out of everyone in my neighborhood. And you will be even more happy to know that I never had to use said clicker.

... I have never been so thankful for early bedtimes in my life. And that I haven't thought to teach Karis to tell time yet. Pretty sure I put them down between 6 and 6:30 every night instead of 7:00 so I could focus on the tired but sick baby struggling to sleep.

... Pretty sure I used up all our texting minutes for the month in the last three days but I don't regret it.

... Pretty sure I never changed out of my pajamas in 3 days. We were supposed to have a play-date and go out once or twice, but since Abbi got sick we just stayed home and didn't even worry about getting dressed. But I did brush my teeth every morning :)

... we tried out a new recipe that you would have hated so it is a good thing you were gone :)

... I was incredibly blessed by our loving church family with several calls and texts to check on me. I was very grateful for the support, especially since Abbi was sick and I didn't know if she might get worse.

... After you called the 1st time from the restaurant, Karlie demanded over and over in her broken record kind of way that we go meet you at said restaurant in TX. The whole days of driving or "we don't have a plane ticket" problem did not phase her in the least.

... the girls played with their nativity sets 70% of the time. The other 30% of the time we read books, took walks, and did Christmas crafts. I have never been so grateful for said nativity sets.

... Abbi started cruising like a madwoman, even though she was sick and fussy.

...The bottom 4th of the Christmas tree is now completely empty because I gave up on telling Abbi no and flicking her sweet hand because she was sick and it just wasn't the time to train for obedience. So every-time she grabbed an ornament, one of the girls moved it up to the middle of the tree.

... I won't tell you how much sleep I got because it was too little to mention. I let Abbi sleep in my bed a bunch because it helped her agitated self to sleep better and I liked the company. But apparently I don't actually sleep well with a baby so it didn't achieve my overall goal. Don't worry, she is back in her bed tonight.

...I got over my little cold shortly after you left but my sore throat has returned with a vengeance today, probably due to my lack of sleep and the overwhelming number of books the girls wanted me to read to them....

... we listened to a ridiculous amount of Christmas carols and read our Christmas books over and over.

... Karlie utterly refused to try the cheese she picked out at the store. But Karis made up for it.

...We are now out of granola because the girls wanted it for every meal and I didn't care. Except now I care that it is gone because now I don't have any and I'm too tired to make more.

...The laundry that you folded before you left is still sitting in the basket waiting to be delivered to its proper home and I haven't done any more.

(Did I mention that I gave up on trying to be productive?)

...I did the dishes the first day but only the first day and now I have to finish up this post so that I can do the other 100 of them before you walk in the door...

... I learned that although your time away was really difficult because of the sickness and fussy baby, it was easier than I thought it would be on other accounts. Mainly because we have such sweet girls. They really played nicely together, tried to be helpful (for the most part), and got excited about everything I wanted to do with them. I just decided to forget about getting stuff done and enjoyed hanging out with them. I love my girls so much!

... we missed you a bunch!!!!

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