Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving fun...

Lots of fun times and memories made this Thanksgiving!

This is Abbi's "who, me?" look. She discovered stairs for the first time (we don't have any at our house) and was utterly obsessed with them. She would sneak over to them every chance she got!
So excited about riding the zebra! I could tell she felt like such a big girl. Last time we were there she could only watch her big sisters do it :)
We had Thanksgiving lunch at Great-Grandma Connie's house, but she wasn't feeling the best and the girls ended up playing together in the sitting room for a while. Karis loves all her great-grandmother's pill boxes and wants to open each one!
Grandma and Papa ended up with three horses and they are the perfect sizes for my girls. The big girls were so excited that Abbi could finally ride with them! And Abbi was simply incredulous! The big one in front that Karis was riding was my very own horse growing up and I still remember how much I loved it :)
They rode them together several times a day
Painting rocks that Karlie collected on our walk... you should have seen her overflowing pockets!
waiting for the big picture with lots of friends...
We try to get together with some of our friends each time we visit VA. There are 7 little girls (one was only a few weeks old and too little to entrust to the kiddos to hold) and one brave little boy. He is the only one not wearing pink in the picture! Thankfully he is too little to know he is outnumbered and there will be another boy joining our group when he is born in January.
The traditional "Day-After-Thanksgiving Cookie-Making!" As always, the girls are much too serious about their work to smile for the camera
Daddy was blowing leaves for Papa and Abbi stood there and laughed at him for the longest time. Mark would randomly look at her and play peek-a-boo as he worked and she squealed and yelled and laughed and tried to get his attention the whole time.
"Daddy is so funny!"
The big girls went out to help but didn't like the noise so they lined their chairs up by the glass door to watch Daddy.
"Just because I have a paci doesn't mean I can't be a big girl!!!!"
Abbi loved the swing at Grandma and Papa's church
The girls were ever so excited to be able to wear their "wedding dresses" again and I was ever so excited to actually be able to get a good picture of them in their fancy dresses :)
My handsome fella and me

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