Saturday, December 10, 2011

Quick Update:

Daddy: HOME! YAY! Still recovering from a lack of sleep and catching up on missed work but happy to be with his girls again.

Karlie: Only seemed sick that one day and is fine other than occasional complaints about her neck hurting (sore throat?) and typical 2-year old meltdowns. Very excited about Christmas music and books.

Karis: Boundless energy, imagination, and joyfulness. She makes me both tired and happy just watching her. She has been such a happy helper these last few days and Mama really appreciates it.

Abbi: Spots are gone and she seems fine and happy during the day. Low-grade fever at night. Cannot seem to sleep more than an hour at a time at night unless curled up in Mama's arms... (I think her nose gets stopped up when she assumes her favorite face down, bum in the air sleeping position and it just makes her mad.)

Mama: Loving Abbi's snuggles but wanting her own bed. Trying to figure out if Abbi really needs to sleep inclined or just got addicted to sleeping with Mama. Tired but ever so happy to have Daddy home!

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Steph W said...

Hey, I found your blog via POH. Our son has nasal allergy issues and we discovered that by elevating his mattress just a bit it helped tremendously. We first stuck a thin pillow under his crib mattress and that helped but would squish and have to be fluffed often. Once I stopped nursing though, we put the boppy pillow under and it has worked great! He is now on a twin bed but the boppy is still under it. Just thought I would share our "easy" fix if you decide to go that route. :)