Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Christmas tree!!!

We got our Christmas tree and had the great idea to eat at Mellow Mushroom beforehand... we all enjoyed it so much that I'm pretty sure it is our new Christmas tree tradition!

The Christmas tree group moved outside the place Mark works and blessed all the GM's with a $20 off voucher! We definitely couldn't waste that much money, so we didn't go to the farm we usually go to. But the girls had a blast anyways!

They loved the Merry-go-round...
... and quickly remembered their tradition of running through the trees and playing peek-a-boo!

The girls were ever so excited about this snowman... but Karis said it couldn't be called Frosty because it was missing a corncob pipe. So I told them it's name was Parker. They were very happy with that and Karlie started calling all snowmen from then on "Parker." She was a little confused a few weeks later when her cousin was talking about Peter Parker (Spiderman) and would not agree with her that Parker was a snowman :) She has no idea who spiderman is and was vehement that Parker was a snowman!

We got home and the girls took a nap while Mark and I set up the tree. We surprised them with this Little People Nativity set that I bought on sale this summer. It has been the favorite toy of the season! Abbi especially loves the angel on top that lights us and plays "Away in a Manger" when you press it down.
The girls loved getting out the ornaments!

My attempt at a picture of them all under the tree :)

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