Sunday, December 4, 2011

A day in the life...

Today started out nice, a fun morning with the grandparents playing outside...
and doing lots of stickers (Karlie's absolute favorite thing to do in the world!)

Karis has been begging to wrap some presents so I let them go at it tonight (Note: if you get a present from us that is a little wrinkled or disheveled, know that it was done in love!) Also, I left the room for a moment and Karlie and Abbi had almost completely unrolled a roll of wrapping paper and were enjoying themselves thoroughly. I really should have taken a picture of the mess, but I was too amazed to think of it :)
My sweet baby girl...
...who came down with some sort of rash and low grade fever today. Teeny tiny little red dots all over her diaper area, back, legs, tummy, etc. I'm thinking it will get worse and show itself tomorrow so I will know what we are dealing with.
She has been extremely clingy for the last 3 days (I thought she was teething again), but now I know there was more going on. But as long as I am right beside her, she will warm my heart with her pretty blue eyes and big grin!

the girls wanted to end their night with a Christmas carol:

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