Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another rambling update...

Whew! I feel like this Christmas season is passing by all too quickly! I haven't even had time to blog about all the wonderful fun holiday things we have been doing. I'm going to try to play catch-up this week, but until then:

-- The natural remedies that I wrote about worked perfectly for Abbi. We started them Monday around 3pm and her fever was gone by that evening. I decided to take her to our pediatrician on Wednesday to be certain all was well because we were going to the mountains for several days and I just wanted to be sure. The pediatrician (not our fav), said that she wasn't into natural stuff and doesn't know much about it, but to keep doing whatever I was doing because her ear was only slightly red, not even bulging anymore! Yay! And Abbi is perfectly fine now, other than that 5th tooth that she is cutting :)

--- the Calcium Citrate seems to be working for Karlie!

--- We spent a wonderful long weekend with Mark's family at Gatlinburg! I took tons of pictures and I have no idea when I will have the time to go through them, but I will share when I can. But we had a blast and I am once again thankful for the fabulous family that I married into.

--- I pretty much did every single bit of my Christmas shopping online and most of it on Cyber Monday. I seriously cannot think of a single present I bought in a store.

--- We also need to redo our budget since we kind of ignored it the last few months. I think I'm going to have to stop reading my deal blogs because they make me want to buy things that they girls would love but we don't "need" just because of the awesome deal. I'm pretty sure I've saved a ton of money but then spent it right away when the next deal came along and I'm not sure that I'm coming out on the side of actually saving money :)

If you want to see what Christmas traditions we started this year, click HERE to see my POH post on the topic.

--- Abbi has been 10 months for 12 days now and I have yet to take her monthly picture or write a post. I hope I get it done before she is 11 months!

--- We haven't done any school since Thanksgiving and I am really trying to get organized for starting again in January.

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