Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Abbi Grace at 10 months

Oh, this sweet baby has had quite the month! She is obsessed with her Mama and managed to sleep with Mama for probably half the month due to sickness and teething and traveling! Mama is glad to be back in her own bed, but Abbi is still waking up trying to talk Mama into sleeping with her again. Mama is looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule in January and teaching her to sleep through the night again!

Abbi is cruising all over the place and actually letting go and standing on her own two feet for a second or two! (Can she really be big enough to do that? I want her to walk, but my heart is just not ready to let her be a toddler already...) She loves music and it is so absolutely adorable to watch her dance if she hears the slightest beat.

Abbi has gone back and forth with nursing. She always wants to nurse when she wakes up at night (of course :), but during the day it is hit or miss. If she doesn't want to nurse, I just pump and she is good about taking a sippy. It actually made it easier on our 7-hour car ride to Gatlinburg because I could pump in the car and hand her the bottle without having to stop and get out and feed her.

Abbi loves to eat! Her current favorites are sweet potato fries and peas, but she will eat most anything I put on her plate (unless she gets in a playful mood and wants to throw things :) I give her everything we eat unless it contains grain, sugar, or processed foods.

Abbi loves to talk and usually just chatters all day long. She finally started saying "Mama" to go with "Da-da" and "bye-bye." She also tries to copy a lot of sounds that we make, especially when we are reading to her. The one she copies most frequently is "baa" for sheep. I have started doing a few signs with her and she just grins when I do them. I think the other girls started signing back around a year so we will see if she does as well.

Abbi understands so much and loves making up games. Her favorite (of course) is throwing things: Her paci, softy, toys, food, etc. If you fall prey to her charms and actually pick it up for her, she will grin really big and then immediately throw it again as hard as she can! Karis taught her how to play fetch and it is really funny to watch how much fun they have together. Karis will toss her softy or stuffed animal and Abbi will excitedly get it and hand it to Karis to toss again. There is much laughing and squealing involved :)

Abi loves to play with Daddy and gets severely insulted if he does not pick her up the minute he walks in the door. She loves it when he carries her around the house as he plays hide and seek with the big girls and squeals with excitement when the girls find them :) She loves to read books and gets excited when I head toward the bookshelf.
Following in her sisters' footsteps, Abbi is obsessed with the cat. If she hears him talking, she comes crawling as fast as her little hands and knees can go, making the same purring sound that Karlie used to make. She gets really excited if she even hears me say the word "kitty." She has already gotten her first cat scratch, as she doesn't know when he is too playful to chase. For the most part, though, kitty has been very nice to Abbi and rubs up against her and lets her pat (beat) him on the back.

Abbi is equally obsessed with outside and the bathroom and gets very upset when the big girls are in either place without her. She wants to be in the bath tub at all times and if I need to clean the bathroom, I just put her in the tub (without water) with a few toys and she is quite happy.

Abbi is a really good car rider and I am so thankful for it! On the trip to Gatlinburg, se would sleep for two hours and then play about 45 minute before fussing. We always stop at Cracker Barrel on long trips to give the girls a good break and let them run around the rocking chairs and play with the toys. After our break, she always fell fast asleep for another two hours. The trip was MUCH easier than I expected!

Abbi love, loves, loves her paci and especially likes it upside-down! More often than not she turns it over as soon as we give it to her. I usually only let her have her paci for naps and right before if she is getting tired/ fussy but it is not quite time to lie down yet.

We just love this little girl so much!

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Karla said...

she is so precious. All of your girls are. Hugs!