Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Tree Week 3

This week, Karis an Karlie are thankful for:

...for my own pink Bible that Laurel gave me!
... for our milk farmer who gives us milk!
...for my doll bed!
... for my fish and horse, Cocoa (imaginary)
... for my music machine (a kid's mp3 player that I found at the consignment sale)
... for my brothers and sisters: Julia, Cowgirl Kate, Cindy, James (imaginary)
.. for the sandbox, the swings, and the fire pit!

... for the library!
... for my "I spy" book!
... for my frozen banana!
for the tiger (Abbi's basketball goal)
... for prunes
... that I hopped in soccer!


Dominika said...

I just can not stop being amazed how wonderfull and wise your girls are. You are doing great job raising them to be gratefull and Godloving people. Greetings!

Claire said...

Oh how sweet!