Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Thankful Tree Week 2

I was going to take a picture of our tree each week to show how it is filling up, but Mark took the camera to work today so I'll have to wait til next week. Regardless, we have really had fun with our tree!

This week, we are thankful for:

...for picking the watermelon and planting the flowers!
... for my (imaginary) friends: Alysa, Maria, Jack, Her Baby's sister...
...for my purple bandage because it helps me get better!
...for my couch because it is my fire truck!
... for Abbi's new doll that she loves so much! (we had to buy Abbi one because she kept trying to take the big girls' dollbabies and it was quite traumatic :)
... that Abbi Grace can drink out of a sippy cup now

... for petting the bunny at the Farmer's Market!
...for hopping outside!
... for my frozen banana!
... for myself!
... for quinoa pancakes and syrup!
... for my dollhouse!
.... because I like sausage the best and yogurt the most!

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