Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Thankful Tree: Week 1

Last year I tried to get Karis to tell me things she was thankful for in November, but she wasn't interested. So this year, I let them make a tree (I drew an outline in pencil and let them go crazy with the crayons). Then I cut out leaves for writing our thankful thoughts. I cannot tell you how incredibly excited they are about it! I had planned to just get one leaf from each of them every morning, but they pretty much beg to "do our thankful tree" each time we are in the kitchen. So I decided to give a weekly update on what they are thankful for. This has really only been 4 days worth of thankfulness, but I decided Friday would be my day to post it each week.

"I am thankful for..."

...our magic eraser because I like cleaning the table!
...our decorations and thankful tree!
... my socks that Kirstie made because I like playing with the beads! own pizza and the songs on the computer! (Pandora)
...our calendar, my kitchen set, Abbi's exersaucer, and my snowman cup!
... my Karlie!
...Pup-pup, Blackie, and Abbi Grace babies -- My Baby and Violet

...for Abbi's pumpkin because we painted it silver! Karis!
...Myna Baby, Pink Baby, and Pup-pup
... our Thankful Tree!
... my Daddy!

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