Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October Medal Day at Turf Tikes

I have to start this post by saying that I came across these pictures when I was uploading the new ones to my facebook page and I just can't believe that my big girls were ever that little!

Karis at 18 months

Karlie Sue: I must point out that she is wearing the same shirt now that she did at 18 months!
Now that I have shed my tears, lets move on to the recent pics:

Our girls look forward to Fridays every week because they get to go to soccer with Daddy! Karlie is actually in Daddy's class and Karis has coach Deanna, whom she absolutely loves. Deanna loves to make her laugh by tickling her :)
One of Karlie's favorite things to do in soccer class is to build cone towers and kick them down!

Karis is excitedly listening to coach Deanna's instructions:
So much fun!

With the rest of her little class, receiving their medals:
Karlie showing off her medal:
But Daddy is still the best coach ever and Karis says she wants to be a soccer coach just like him when she grows up (so she can be with him all day long :)

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Claire said...

Oh, what adorable photos!