Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daddy's Little Dunkaroos!

About a year ago, we let Karis try out a Dunkaroos class with her Daddy. She was excited about it, but all she wanted to do was kick the ball (like she had been doing in soccer class for two years :) We decided not to fool with it since I would have to entertain Karlie because she was too young to do basketball.

Two Saturdays ago, Mark was given the opportunity to go to a Duke game with one of his best friend from high school. It was an awesome opportunity, but it meant that he would not be able to see the girls at all because he would have to go straight from work to the game and would be home long after they went to bed. We brainstormed about how to give him some time with them and realized the only chance we would have was for the girls to take his basketball class.

They had a blast! We found out to our surprise that Karis can actually dribble the ball about 10 bounces and she made her first swish (the goals are lowered)!! She was so excited! Karlie had a blast as well, but she is so tiny that she never comes near the goal, ha, ha. But she loves all the exercises and just bounces all over the place :)

The next Saturday, Mark had someone else coach the class so he could focus on his girls a little more. So I put Abbi in the carrier and took some pictures:

Warm-up stretching: Blast off is their favorite stretch and is a great way to teach them to bend their legs while shooting:

Fun runs! These are Karlie's favorite part about both soccer and basketball class. They hop or run or skip with their knees high down the court. Karlie is hilariously meticulous in her hopping -- she does it just right with 2 feet and barely moves down the field at all. She is usually only half-way down the field by the time everyone else is done. But she loves it and they all cheer her on :) Forgive the shaky camera -- Abbi grabbed at it while I was taping.
In this picture, they were just running (sorry that it is blurry; it is hard to be a photographer with a baby strapped to your chest and moving subjects!)
Getting ready to shoot some baskets!
"How can I get it there?" (With an alley-oop from Daddy, of course!)
Karis can actually make it if she aims correctly.
So proud of herself!
I didn't get a video of her actually making the shot, but I love this quick one of her excitement when Coach Conrad helps her get it in!

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