Thursday, November 3, 2011

Better than Pinterest :)

Y'all -- I love Pinterest! If you haven't joined yet, please leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll be glad to send you an invite. It is an awesome way to find and store recipes, educational activities, decorating ideas, craft ideas, do-it-yourself projects, sweet organizational tips, and much more. It can be a huge time waster, though, (kind of addicting) so I usually only allow myself to browse when we are relaxing in the evening, I'm too tired to read and think deeply about all my favorite nutritional and educational blogs, and Mark is watching something on TV that doesn't interest me. (Like sports -- I LOVE to play most anything, but watching sports on TV bores me to tears :)

Anyways, When I informed Karis at the end of September that it was officially fall, she wanted to make fall decorations! But Karis did not just want to make one decoration -- she asked every single day what fall decoration we were going to make!!! (Just so you know -- I would like to be the super crafty Mama who plans out amazing crafts every day for her kids to enjoy.... but I'm not. If we have time for a project, we usually cook. But that's just me. I like crafts, but don't usually think about them until I'm asked:)

So I jumped on Pinterest and found some good ideas of fun things to do with my girls. The funny thing is, our projects never turn out exactly like the picture on the blog. (Note: the smaller pic is the Pinterest one; the large is our own creation :) Take Pumpkin glittering, for example:
Who cares if we made a humongous mess and actually only covered the tops? My girls' pumpkins have a style of their own!

And actually making a print of the leaf is totally over-rated -- a leaf is much more fun as a paint brush!
A handprint tree is a great idea until a 2-year old freaks out about the paint on her hands and doesn't want to finish :) HA!
Our fall banner might not be as stately as Pinterest one, but I'd bet money that no one ever appreciated it as much as my girls love theirs and I'm certain no one ever danced around in circles singing about how much they loved their banner like this one (And in case you were wondering, they each made one letter out of dots and one letter out of sequins.)

And who cares that Mama decided on a whim to make these and forgot about the importance of pressing the leaves... my girls sure thought it was the most fun project ever!

All this to say that I absolutely love Pinterest for its ideas... but I love my own girls' creations so much more! They are definitely not as perfect as the ones in the pictures, but oh, how they make me smile! Such memories we have making our decorations! Mark told me that I need to make a photo book of all our school projects and artwork because we won't be able to keep them all and we don't want to forget such memories! So I've started taking pictures of everything we do together. I don't plan to blog them all, but maybe every now and then I'll post a few of them :)


Renee said...

Personally I think they're AMAZING artists! Do they take orders for the banners? ;)

p.s. I keep meaning to tell you that my heart smiles every time I pop on and see your large banner photo :)

Claire said...

Oh how lovely. I really enjoy Pinterest. I did the handprint trees with my class...they didn't turn out *quite* like the photos on Pinterest either!


Dominika said...

These are great autumn projects and your girls certainly made them unique :-)
P.S. I would love to get an invitation to Pinterest. My e-mail is: Thank you!

Chantry said...

love these! we're also taking pictures of all our art projects/school projects so that i can make a photo book, too. i love how my mom saved my "special projects" and i think a book will really show how much they grow, change and learn in a year! can't wait to see more of your ideas!