Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All about babies....

Karis is obsessed with babies. She talks about them all the time and spends her days playing with her baby dolls and her imaginary friends and their baby brothers and sisters. Here are some conversations recently:

Karis: Mama, I'm ready for a brother now. Can we have a baby brother?
Me: Well, Karis, we still have a baby. Abbi is our baby and she still needs Mama a lot. She still needs Mama's milk so God probably will wait to give us another baby.
Karis: Maybe when she is 1 year God can give us a baby brother.

Karis, to Karlie, petitioning her to marry her again:
"Last time I didn't get married and I need to because I want to have babies. My Baby and Violet (her other babydoll) want brothers and sisters and I'm really trying. That's why I need to get married. Whatever God gives me I will take!"

(And this one isn't about babies but I wanted to go ahead and post it before I forget it)
Daddy, before bed: Who should we pray for?
Karis: Laura and Mary
(Daddy looks very confused)
Mama: Like from Little House on the Prairie?
Karis: YES!

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