Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random things I love about my husband... (7 Years Today!!)

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary! So hard to believe! I still sometimes think back to my wedding day and can hardly believe such a magical day occurred and all my dreams came true :) They have undoubtedly been the best 7 years of my life. Our marriage has definitely not been perfect, containing many ups and and some downs as well, but there has never been a single moment when I questioned marrying my man. There is no doubt in my mind that God brought us together! Since I already wrote this post about why I initially married my awesome fella, I thought today I would share why I am still ever so thankful that God brought us together. This list is completely random, in no particular order, and definitely not conclusive. It is simply what is popping into my head at this very moment:

If he mistakenly offends me, all I have to do is tell him what he did and he apologizes. He is never defensive and doesn't try to justify his words/ actions. He simply admits if he is wrong and apologizes. (I'm trying to learn that from him; my tendency is to get defensive.)

He rolls his eyes and teases me about my health-nuttiness, but does listen and try crazy things that I cook and is even willing to give up some favorites for healthier options. (ex. giving up sodas for water keifer lemonade)

He can still make me melt when he holds my hand or puts his arm around me in public (and believe me, it is hard to get that chance when you have 3 little ones to hold onto when you go out!)

He has a hard time stopping work and coming home at night because he wants to do his best at his job. But he knows that tendency and really, really tries to get home at a decent time. He even tells me to call and remind him if he gets late. (An excuse to nag.... what more could a wife want? HA!)

He takes out the trash for me and is usually the one to mop the kitchen floor.

He uses his day off to take the big girls out to do my errands (grocery store, library, post office, etc) because he knows I like to stay home with the girls during the week to do school and keep Abbi on a decent schedule. (And the girls look forward to their "Daddy-date" all week long!)

He can usually somehow get my 2-year old to get past her stubbornness better than me.

He is well-respected by everyone who knows him and I am always proud to be his wife.

He believes that it is important for me to be at home with our girls and is willing to go without my paycheck and live very simply/frugally to enable me to stay at home. (ex. he has never had internet on his phone or cable and we have an old 19-inch 11-year old TV that he has to stand in front of to be able to see his sports :)

By God's grace, he really tries to life a life that brings glory to God. He is a good example to my girls!

He is really hot, especially when playing sports :)

He loves and enjoys children, even after being exhausted by his own for the past 4.5 years.

My family and his are both important to him and he understands my need to be with them for every single holiday.

He does not spend money foolishly and totally researches and thinks out every large purchase that we make.

He allows me to spend a large portion of our budget on "real" food.

When I am consumed with morning sickness, a newborn, or a sick child, he completely picks up the slack and runs the house.

He makes breakfast like a pro!

He loves me even when I am too tired to shower or forget to put on make-up (Sorry honey -- that happens more often than I care to admit!)

He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me! I am so thankful for his sacrifices and love!

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Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I have your K&W macaroni and cheese recipe bookmarked as one of my favorites and ran across your blog. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your marriage is a terrific testimony to your Christian faith. Even though things are less than ideal right now for my marriage, you have provided me with faith that all things are possible.