Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A quick trip back home!

Last weekend, we made a super-quick trip back home for a very important reason:

My grandmother turned 85 years old! how special! I am very close to my grandmother because I actually lived with her for a while before meeting and marrying Mark (and it was because of her that I got the job that led me to Mark!)

My Mom made an awesome pumpkin cake and my dad made the most amazing maple icing that was just perfect (I will be getting the recipe from him this weekend!). And my girls had a blast decorating it :)
My Dad created an awesome slideshow with pictures from her entire life and everyone really enjoyed watching it.
Karlie and Grandma Connie were both really excited about the cake :)
4 generations of girls!

After the cake, we went outside to run off some energy :)

A daddy's girl through and through :)

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