Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Mark was off from work today so we took our traditional trip to the pumpkin patch! The girls were all so very excited!

Most of the pumpkins had been picked and taken to the fun pumpkin playground, but Karlie was determined to get hers from the patch:

So tickled that she picked her own!

Abbi was really excited to be out in the bright sunshine

Karlie loved the horsey tire swing:
Abbi just wanted to eat her pumpkin... I fished a big piece of pumpkin stalk out of her mouth a little bit later on :)

She took a break in the shade with her Daddy while the big girls played on the playground

Karis was utterly determined to carry her big pumpkin all the way to the wagon!

She dropped it once, but picked it up and got it into the wagon!

So proud of herself for carrying that heavy pumpkin!

Our attempt at a picture of the three of them -- HA!

Sweet Abbi
Karis loved the playground
Pumpkin peek-a-boo!

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Claire said...

Oh what adorable shots! It looks like a lovely day!