Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow marks our 7th anniversary! We totally forgot to take any pictures on our date so when we got home, Mark asked Papa to take a few. Don't you like this first one? HA!
It wasn't a problem with Papa's picture taking as much as a problem with my husband -- in 7 years, he still hasn't gotten over the perverse joy of tickling me!

"Now you better behave!"
And he responds by kissing me :) Gotta love him!

And gotta love this little sweetie... she woke up just before we got home to snuggle with Nina and watch baseball with Papa. I was so glad that she had been a happy baby while we were gone!


Renee said...

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Karla said...

I hope you all had a great Anniversary!! :)