Monday, October 31, 2011

A fun wedding weekend!

My cousin got married this weekend and we had so much fun! Unfortunately, we were too busy to take many pictures, but I'll share what I have.

On Friday night, some friends from church watched the girls for us so that we could go to a wonderful rehearsal dinner. Such delicious food!!!! I ate an unbelievable amount, even for me! And the girls had a blast with Mr. Alan, Miranda, and Jared. They told us all about it the next day :)

On Saturday, we took the girls and their cousins to a family lunch. I forgot my camera, so you won't see any pics til I get a few from my dad. But we had a lot of fun seeing everyone and once again, eating a ridiculous amount of utterly delicious food! Karis was utterly obsessed with seeing the bride and bridesmaids. She talked about them all weekend, pretended she and Karlie were going over to their houses to play, and now has imaginary friends named Whitney, Lindsey, and Natalie :)

After naps, the girls wanted me to curl their hair (They had seen the fancy hair-do's of they bridal party at the luncheon). They were so excited about the curlers -- Karis said that she wanted to wear them to the wedding and Karlie wanted me to take a picture of her with them on:
We had a crazy time getting to the wedding (one of those "lock-yourself-out-of-the-car-when-you-need-to-go-home-and-change" kind of adventures) so we didn't get a single family picture of us all together dressed up fancy. I was pretty sad about that because my parents had gotten the girls some adorable fancy dresses that matched but we will just have to wear them again another time for a family photo. That shouldn't be too hard because Karis wants to wear her dress every waking moment. She begged to wear it to church the next day, would not take it off for naptime, and cried big tears when we made her take it off before going to an outdoors fall party that evening. And then she wanted to wear it again this morning!!

We were pretty disappointed that we rushed to the wedding a little late, but it was ok because we watched from right outside the doors and Karis got her own special preview of the wedding party as they walked out. They all smiled and said hi to her as they walked by and she felt so special and proud!

The reception was at a really cool science museum downtown and the girls had a blast looking at everything! Their favorite sightings included dinosaur bones and live snakes, turtles, and frogs. I was too busy trying to get Abbi to sleep to a take any pics, but Mark snagged just a few as he walked around with the big girls. We had to leave early because it was well past the girls' bedtime and I was hoping that the big girls wouldn't realize that they were missing the cake. But sure enough, as soon as we got in the car, Karis said, "Mama! No one cut the wedding cake!!! I think it was because it was just too pretty to eat!"

Karlie walking with Papa, looking at the exhibits:
Excited about a big dinosaur skeleton!
Watching some dancing going on behind a huge dinosaur replica:
This picture is of me trying to get Abbi to sleep (pretty much what I did the entire reception :) And I was totally unsuccessful. It was all so bright and loud and exciting and she just couldn't shut down. I normally have her in bed between 5:30 and 6:00 and my crazy baby stayed awake until 9:30!!! I was amazed and incredibly thankful, however, that she stayed happy pretty much the entire time.
My dad with his siblings: They were all so excited to be together!

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