Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun at Kid Fest

Last Saturday, Mark did a promo for his work at a local kidsfest. He got everything set up and then was free to play with the girls. They had a blast and did not want to leave even though we were utterly exhausted. The best thing about this festival was that everything was free! The girls were able to pick out pumpkins and decorate them with stickers and feathers and markers. Other favorites included the the blow-up jumping boat, playing with yellow duckies in a stream and getting prizes, and getting a tatoo. Karis chose a princess tatoo and Karlie chose a green dog (He looked like Blues Clues, but was green.. must have been a cousin or something?). We didn't take a lot of pictures, though, because there was so much going on.

When we later asked the girls what they liked the most, Karlie answered, "decorating pumpkins" and Karis simply said, "EVERYTHING!" But if you were watching their faces, you would have easily seen that meeting "Clifford" was the most absolutely amazing part of the day! I wish I had gotten a picture of Karlie's face when she saw him... it was priceless. She couldn't even speak -- she just pointed with her mouth wide open. And Karis kept giving him fives over and over. They love getting Clifford books from the library and never dreamed of meeting him in person :)

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