Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daddy love and other funny conversations :)

Karis: Mama, I'm tired of seeing you all the time... I want you to work and Daddy to stay at home with us! (Sorry, hon, I'm pretty sure neither Mama nor Daddy would be happy with that arrangement - ha! :)

Karis, happily painting away: "I'm going to be an artist when I grow up.... no, actually, I am going to be a coach because I want to see Daddy a lot when I grow up!"

Karis: Karlie, I want you to obey me like you obey Mama! (Good luck with that one, missy :)

Karis: Karlie if you poop in the potty tomorrow we can have banilla ice cream again!
Karlie: Oh, yes! I have lots of poops!

Me: Karlie! You have scratches on your arm! Why did kitty scratch you?
Karlie: Because I was trying to put a pony tail on his tail!

Karis, talking about a house on our road: "Oh, Nina, I LOVE that house! It means we are almost home!"

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