Monday, October 10, 2011

Abbi Grace at 8 months!

My sweet girl is 8 months old now! She is a bundle of energy and always on the go! She is a pro at army crawling -- I don't really remember my others doing it so well or for so long. She is getting up on her hands and knees regularly, and crawling just one or two steps at a time before resuming army crawling.
Abbi loves:

...putting anything and everything in her mouth (I may or may not often resort to giving her the paci when she is awake just so that she can play on the floor with her sisters without me having to worry about her putting little toys in her mouth :)

... her little lovey blanket -- if she is tired and fussy you can give her the paci and blankie and she will just snuggle up to you -- bliss!

... Food! She eats many things now, but apparently nothing is as exciting as avocado with chicken stock (cold), yogurt with probiotics, and cod liver oil.

... the cat -- he drives her absolutely crazy! If she so much as catches a glimpse of him, she starts hollering like crazy and army-crawling wildly in his direction. Even when she gets close enough to touch him, she is so excited that she can hardly sit up straight. She literally shakes and yells with excitement, trying to eat him and grab him at the same time. Blackie will generally let her attack him as long as I am petting him at the same time.

... paper, shoes, grass, bark, stickers -- they are like magnets to her and I will inevitably have to fish them out of her mouth :)

... Pup-pup -- she still likes to play with her whenever she sees her. But Pup-pup is not nearly as exciting as the cat since she is always around

Abbi does not love:
... her exersaucer -- she much prefers to be able to crawl around and does not want to be confined. Plus, if she is in the kitchen (where we keep it), she wants to be eating :)

... when I am reading to the big girls -- she wants our attention so badly and always comes over and fusses at us and tries to eat our books...

... to hear her sisters upset -- she will start crying as well

Abbi has finally resumed her nightly schedule of going to bed around 6pm and staying asleep through the evening until about 10:00! (most of the time :) Now Mama and Daddy can go on dates again! YAY! On a good night, she will only wake up once more during the night around 2:30 and then get up around 8am. I've decided that that extra feeding is a good thing and am not going to try to make her cry it out and get over it. She is the only baby I've had who wasn't sleeping 12 hours straight by this time, but she is also the chunkiest baby I have ever had and I like that. I think the extra feeding is really helping my milk supply and helping her make up for any feedings that she was too distracted to finish during the day.

I tried on a pair of 12 months jeans because I knew she would never fit into her 9-month ones. But I couldn't even get the 12 months ones past her adorably chunky thighs! These were the jeans that Karlie probably wore until she was 18 months! HA!

The big girls were ever so excited to find this pink bear jacket in our fall clothes bin and demanded that she wear it... so cute :)
Abbi Grace, we love you so much and just can't believe you are getting so big!

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