Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our crazy pets

I've mentioned before that our dog is crazy obsessed with our sweet baby. Here is yet another picture of Pup-pup plopping down in Abbi's lap... much to her delight!

And on Monday Abbi slept in later than usual. I finally heard her waking up and went in to get her and found this:
Oh, she was so excited that kitty had pushed opened her door and jumped in her bed! Abbi's door does not close tightly unless you pull it really hard and make a loud click sound. Kitty knows this and often pushes it open to go sleep in her closet. Monday was the first day that he actually jumped in bed with her and he has done it ever since -- I cannot tell you how many times he has recently woken her up from a nap! You better believe that I am now being quite careful about the door :)
Abbi is always wanting to touch the kitty, but usually the big girls get all his attention. She decided to take her big opportunity to see how he tasted...
And to grab his tail...
So excited to have him to herself!

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