Monday, September 12, 2011

I just love these girls!

Abbi and her constant companion -- I tell ya, I have never seen a dog more protective over a baby. Pup-pup LOVES my Dad and begs for him to rub her and he gives her bones all the time, but she wouldn't even let him sit on the floor and play with Abbi. It was hilarious! Pup-pup kept laying down in between them. Perfectly happy and nice, but insistent. And don't even try to to come near Abbi if you are a stranger! This dog will growl at you like she is going to eat you up! She really thinks that Abbi is her own baby, I think.
My nosy girls... if the neighbors are out, they love to climb on the fence and watch them, ha!
Abbi kept trying to get My-na baby or Karlie's hair and Karlie thought it was hilarious.
My crazy Karlie!
Abbi blows bubbles non-stop and she gets such a big kick if you blow them back :)
My 3 favorite girls ever!
"just like Papa!" -- my dad always buys a paper and reads it every day so Karis decided she would, too!

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