Sunday, September 25, 2011

cute conversations

Karis: I like to help Karis pee and poop
Mama: Yes, thank you for being such a big helper to Karlie and teaching her to go potty!
Karis: Karlie, do you like me to help you go potty?
Karlie: Oh, yes, because you are my special!
Karis: Well, I'm not special but I am helpful!

Abbi is grunting like crazy in her highchair, telling me she wants more avocado...
Me, joking: Well, what does that mean?
Karlie: Abbi needs to poop!

Karlie: Mama, I'm going to be Abbi's Teacher... I'm going to teach her how to do everything!
Karis: When I grow up, I'm going to work at Daddy's work... or teach kids how to swim.

Words of wisdom from Mama: It's hard to go potty with a dinosaur on!

Mama: Karlie, you need to clean up your papers before you do anything else
Karlie: I go get My-na baby!
Mama: No Karlie. You have to clean up first.
Karlie: But Mama, My-na baby LOVES me!

(To my girls, getting married means holding hands, singing, and dancing around in a circle)
Karis: Please marry me, Karlie!
Karlie: Ok, but just for a minute
Karis: And then we can have babies!

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