Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun conversations

Karlie: may I please have some more toast?
Mama: After you finish your eggs
Karlie: But God made all things!
(to which I unfortunately burst out laughing, because it was great logic for a 2-year old... but now she says it in response to EVERYTHING!)

Karis: "No, Karlie, we don't put wild turkeys in your mouth... they might bite you!"
(I have absolutely no idea what spurred on that response!)

Karis, after doing her 1st day of school handprint and I had talked about how we would do one each year to see how big her hand grew: "Mama, can I watch my handprint grow?"

"If you don't like it, then just don't eat it!" (Karis, admonishing her Daddy not to complain when he said he wasn't fond of something I made ... she has often heard me telling her not to complain about food she doesn't like :)

Karis: After the 5th day of school, I'll be grown up!"

Karis, getting possessive over her Papa: "But Papa can't go to soccer class with Benjamin (her cousin) because the kids won't know that he is staying at my house!"

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