Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun at Daddy's ball game!

Mark plays in a basketball tournament each Thursday night at his work. His game is usually too late for the girls, but this week it was at 7:00 and I had the grandparents' help, so we let them stay up to see some of it. I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any cute pictures, but let me tell you, they were so excited! It was the first time they had seen any real basketball in person and they thought it was hilarious to see those big guys chasing the ball up and down the court. They laughed hysterically for most of the game and said some really funny things. I wish I had written them down because I can't remember most of it, but here are two funny conversations:

After the first scramble after the ball, Karis exclaimed, "Mama! they aren't sharing the ball!"

After about 2 minutes of watching, Karlie decided that she wanted to play with them...
Karlie: Mama, I want to go play ball with Daddy!
Me: But Karlie, don't you see how big those guys are?
Karlie: Well, I'm a big girl!
Me, laughing: But Karlie, look at them. You aren't quite that big yet.
Karlie: Well, Daddy can pick me up and give me the ball and then I'll be really big!"

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