Friday, September 9, 2011

Abbi Grace at 7 months!

Oh, what a delightful age for a delightful baby! 7 months is just so much fun! Abbi is ever so interactive now -- she loves nothing better than for us to blow bubbles back and forth with her or trade squeals. She really tries to have conversations with us through her squeals. It is so cute!

She has been a pro at sitting up and having fun with her toys on a blanket for the last month, but that is apparently no longer exciting. The whole sitting up thing only lasts about a minute now because this big girl believes that she can crawl! She doesn't get anywhere very fast, but boy is she determined! I'm thinking that my easy days are over and she will be moving pretty fast in the next week or two. Time to re-organize and get all the big-girl little things put away somewhere safe! And soon I will have to start vacuuming daily, I'm afraid, because she wants to put every speck of dirt or tiny bit of fuzz in her mouth. But it is exciting because it will make her so happy to be able to crawl. I'm still not ready for it, though :)
Abbi loves her Pup-pup and kitty and oh, she will just fuss and grunt and push until she gets close enough to touch them! Thankfully, they seem to know that she is a baby and are quite tolerant. Pup-pup is especially protective over Abbi and does not like for guests to play with her!

Karis and Karlie are Abbi's best distractions and they take quite good care of her. They always tell me if she has gotten ahold of something that she is not supposed to eat and are ever so happy to entertain her. Karis has really enjoyed Abbi's new eating habits and loves to give her food. Abbi loves to eat her daily plain yogurt with probiotics, avocado, and fermented cod liver oil. She has also really enojyed the occasional diced bananas, soft boiled egg yolks with olive oil, chicken with stock, applesauce, squash with butter, and peaches. She is currently quite excited about diced soft carrots with cinnamon, sea salt, and coconut oil!

Nina and Papa brought down a new swing for Abbi and she just thinks it is so much fun! It has been perfect for this fall weather and now I can swing all 3 of my girls at the same time!
Other random things about Abbi at 7 months:

-- Abbi absolutely LOVES my Ergo and Beco carriers and will start kicking and squealing at the mere sight of them.

-- Abbi has decided that the carseat is the perfect place to poop and pretty much always makes a big mess whenever we go out. She has done it so often that I should not be surprised, yet I always am.

-- Abbi is a fabulous car rider and is just about aways happy in the car. She will just talk and play and have the best time. What a blessing!

-- Abbi really needs to be in bed by 6:30 every night. If she stays up later, she believes that she is up for the night and has a really hard time settling down to go to sleep.

Abbi LOVES to play with hair -- whenever she goes to bed too late because we are out of the house, the only way to get her to settle down is to lay on the bed beside her and let her play with my hair. Then she will fall asleep while playing with it. It is so sweet (except that she can pull pretty hard before she winds down :)
Oh, I love my little sweetie so much!


Mandy Brown said...

Our babies are the same age! I actually just sat down to write my son's & month blog and saw yours. His birthday is the 8th of February :)

Meg said...

They were born on the same day :)

Mandy Brown said...

Awesome! That's supposed to say 7, not &. lol... here is a link to my blog :)