Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My sweet roly-poly at 6 months!

Happy 1/2 year birthday sweet Abbi Grace! What a roly-poly you are! You can get to anything (given enough time) by twisting and turning and grunting and complaining and rolling, rolling, rolling! You are one determined little girl and rarely stay on your blanket to play anymore! Your sisters are always calling me in the room to flip you back on your blanket as they play with you. You are the happiest little thing unless there is a toy out of reach and then you will let the world know you want it!
Abbi has enjoyed sleeping without her swaddle for the most part (although a few times I have had to use again it if we are out and she misses her nap and is too overstimulated to put herself to sleep). She plays with her toes and little soft toys until she falls asleep and almost always ends up on her belly. She randomly started waking up more at night this week and I was afraid I was going to have to let her cry it out, but today I noticed her first little tooth popping through and I'm sure that was the problem. Hopefully she'll go back to being a good sleeper again soon and until then, I don't mind giving her a few extra feedings to help soothe the pain.
She is such a busy baby! Going out to dinner or sitting at church is quite the workout because she wants to stand up most of the time and grab EVERYTHING! Whew! This Mama gets worn out anytime we go anywhere. Now that she is not swaddled, Abbi does not like to have her feet restrained so she gets mad if I put her in the sling to go to sleep. She still loves the Beco and Ergo (thanks goodness!). However, it is still a battle to get her to go to sleep when we are out because this alert little baby does not want to miss a thing!
Abbi has also reached the point where she will not nurse if there is anything distracting around (like her sisters!) so now I always have to take her in her room to nurse and tell the girls to stay out. She no longer nurses well in the car or with a nursing sling so I just have to plan to be at home when it is time to nurse. She just doesn't want to miss a thing! I still haven't really started her on table food, yet, although I often give her a spoonful of cod liver oil, coconut oil, or grass-fed butter to chew on while we eat. I'll probably start giving her tastes of whatever we are eating this week. She was 17 pounds, 8 ounces (80%) at the doctor's office today, so she is obviously getting all she needs from my milk. Can I just say that I love our pediatrician? We switched before Karlie was born and it was the best decision ever. She doesn't mind when we decline shots, she loves that I give my girls cod-liver oil, and she keeps telling me I need to teach a class on feeding babies since I only give mine breast-milk and "real" food rather than the canned stuff :). My pediatrician is a winner!
Abbi is definitely a Mama's girl right now and although she will smile at everyone, she doesn't last long when others take her away from Mama. Other than Daddy, that is. She thinks he is just the greatest and will fuss like crazy if the other girls hog his attention when he comes home from work.

Karlie and Karis have both been tremendous helpers with Abbi and they love to play with her and pile on the toys! Karlie is in these pictures because she wanted her "My-na baby" to have a 6-month photo shoot like Abbi :)
Abbi can kind of sit up by herself for a minute or two and she loves it, so we often put her in the boppy to protect her when she topples over :)

Oh, she is such a sweet little baby and I am just not ready for her to grow up!

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