Friday, August 5, 2011

Sister love and other funny talk

Karis: "I was just talking to my favorite Karlie who I love to play with"

Karis in a sing-song voice, "I love Karlie, I love Karlie, I love Karlie..."
Karlie, very excitedly, "Yay, Karis loves me!!!"

Karis: "I would love to be a princess someday.... maybe when I grow up!"

Karis: I knew that because I am big; that's why I know"
Karlie: "Oh!"

(The only time the girls see the TV on is on Sunday afternoons when they wake up from naptime and Mark is inevitably watching some kind of sport on TV. Last week it was golf, which they (and I) don't know a lot about. Here is the conversation that ensued (please excuse my own ignorance :)

Karis: How do you get the ball out of the hole?
Mark: You just pick it up out of the hole
Karis: Can you pick it up out of the sand?
Mark: No, you have to hit it with a golf club
Me: Can you hit another one if it goes in the water or do you forfeit your turn?
Karlie: No! You swim or you get a boat!

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