Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun at Marbles!

Last Wednesday, we wanted to escape the heat and do something fun. So we went to the Marbles Museum in downtown Raleigh. The girls had so much fun! But don't expect any great pictures... they were so excited and way too busy to look at the camera even once!

Picking from the garden...
At the "grocery store!" This was probably their favorite place. They would have stayed there all day long had we not made them go check out the other areas :) Both of them were quite excited about the "lobsters." We always stop and look at the lobsters at our grocery store when we go, so they had fun inspecting these.
Poor Abbi was in desperate need of a nap but couldn't stop looking at all the excitement around her. I had forgotten the hood that straps to my Beco carrier, so I finally went to the dress-up area and put a shirt over her head and she conked out :)
Karlie was so excited about the check-out line and cash register!
And Karis thought it was so much fun to buy food just like Daddy does :)
And her purchases grew and grew and grew.... and she would never have stopped piling on the goods if we hadn't made her! Definitely going to have to do some Dave Ramsey training eventually...
Karlie loved the "barn..." she kept piling all the animals in just that one stall
The vet was probably Karis' second favorite place. She kept going back to it to play with the animals
Karlie enjoyed giving the dogs a bath
Listening to the doggy's heartbeat...
Pretty fish!
(And I'm getting tired of writing captions... you can see what they are doing, right? :)

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