Friday, August 12, 2011

Because I want to remember...

Karis: "Abbi, did you know that you are so precious to us?" (melt my heart!)

Karis and Karlie were playing dress-up. Karis was wearing a fancy white dress and Karlie a pale pink tutu dress...
Karis: "We need to go to Mama and Daddy's room to get married! ... I think we need to hold hands!"
(when I went in a minute later to check on them, they were holding hands, dancing in a circle, singing, "hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah, PRAISE YE THE LORD" very loudly, over and over again)

Me: Karis, please go pick up your clothes off the bathroom floor
Karis: Well, I don't want to leave My Baby because she might cry
Me: I'll listen and tell you if she cries
Karis: ok (and she goes to obey)
Karis (coming back) Did My Baby cry?
Me: no, she was sound asleep
Karis, suspiciously: How do you know if she was crying because she cries very softly!
Me; I'm a Mama and I know how to listen for a baby's cries
Karis: How can you tell if she is crying when she is just pretend?
Me: I can pretend, too!
Karis just smiles :)


Karen said...

Hi Meg! Sorry this is so random and stalkerish...but I have read your blog since it was linked to from prayerofhannah. I just tried to go to prayerofhannah but it seems to be private. Is that a new thing or is it a mistake? I really enjoyed reading all the homeschooling info there. If I have to be an invited reader, could you please allow me? My email is karenfronk at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Meg said...

No problem :) We are shutting the POH blog down just for the weekend to give it a facelift. We'll be up and running again on Monday with a better look, a new schedule, and a great give-away!

Karen said...

Awesome! Thanks. I was doing a bunch of homeschool planning this weekend...guess I will use POH resources on Monday :)