Thursday, August 11, 2011

Abbi's first taste of food!

I was not in any hurry to introduce Abbi to the world of table food... the third time around I fully understand that it just means more mess to clean up! Abbi has been having fun just chewing on a spoon filled with cod liver oil, coconut oil, or butter and that was fine with me. But her big sister Karis has been eagerly awaiting the day when Abbi is big enough to eat. She has been extremely disappointed that I haven't done any bottles with Abbi and bursting at the seams to help feed her. So when Karis went with Daddy to the store today and saw him getting avocados, (which were actually for some yummy, healthy fudgesicles that I wanted to try) she was so excited and very determined that Abbi try them just as soon as they walked in the door! So I gave in:

"you want me to eat this green stuff?"
"well, at least it is fun to play with!"
"Hmmm... one finger is not too bad!"
"I might just suck on this finger all day!"

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Kristie said...

My kids are desperate to feed their baby brother, too. I have a bottle I use to give John Amos water when we are out in the heat and the big kids are always wanting to "feed" him his water. :)