Thursday, July 21, 2011

Us lately...

This will be a rambling post, I do believe...

After our exciting trip to VA, I've been working hard to get the girls back to a normal schedule. The older girls pretty much skipped naps completely while on vacation and Abbi just took one whenever she looked tired. So staying home for the most part the past two weeks has been so wonderful!

Getting Abbi to take regular naps at the same time each day has been really good for her (she actually started sleeping all through the night!) and will be crucial to our pre-school schedule when we start mid-August (Oh, I'm so excited! :). I also decided to take the plunge and take off her swaddle -- not a far step, however, since she had been kicking out of it regularly! She has done well and had a much easier transition than the other two did. I'm so thankful. I was not at all ready to let my little sweetie cry it out yet! (I know, I'm such a softy!) I still give her the paci when she knocks it out but I figure if I just wait a week or two, she'll be talented enough to put it back in herself. (With Karlie, I made her give it up early and always regretted it.) And Abbi only needs it to put herself to sleep; she always spits it out after a few minutes and sleeps without it.

We were blessed with a cool day or two before this ridiculous heat wave settled in and the girls had a lot of fun outside! I even moved Abbi's exersaucer outside so that she could get some vitamin D and enjoy the weather!
And we always have to have playtime with Daddy every evening! (Which he may or may not be awake for; it really doesn't matter :)
Since Abbi is suddenly so grown up and loves to grab her toys and play like a big girl, we finally got her toys out of the attic. (Definitely more than she needs!!!!)
As you can tell, the big girls were even more excited than Abbi! They've been chasing her around all week, surrounding her with toys every chance they get.
If they only knew that Abbi really enjoys their attention more than all the toys...
Don't tell the big girls (I'm hoping they won't notice), but as soon as they left the house today for swim lessons, I purged Abbi's toy bin. The toy smothering was hilarious, but getting a bit ridiculous. Abbi is perfectly content with only one toy at a time. So I left her about 6. Not counting the dangling ones on her play mat. Just to keep the big girls happy. You know I love to see them smile!


Claire said...

Hee! Well done on the purge! Your girls are adorable.


Lori Alexander said...

I just read your marriage post and wanted to comment on that. Before I got married, I thought I would definitely get divorced if my husband divorced me. Over 30 years later, I know I would not. Marriage is a commitment, not a feeling. You have yourself a good man!