Saturday, July 9, 2011

More fun lake pictures...

We had so much fun at the lake that I had to break it into 2 posts :)
Karis and Karlie excitedly watching their Daddy ski!
Doesn't the water look so cool in this picture?
Mark pretty much grew up on the lake.... his Dad inherited a lake lot so he pretty much spent every spare moment of his summers skiing and wake boarding with his friends and family. But then we moved away.... he's been looking forward to this lake day for quite a while!

Letting go of the rope after a long run
And I was pretty excited/ surprised to find that I could still get up on the skis since it had been about 5 years and 3 babies since I had tried :)
Such a thrill!
Karis sang a lot while on the boat :)
And Karlie snuggled a lot :)
And played with my sunglasses
And then fell asleep on Daddy on the last boat ride home :)
Karis, however, was still much too excited to fall asleep. She kept that sweet smile on her face until we put her to bed that night!

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Micha said...

Looks like so much fun! I have always been too chicken to waterski. Bet you all slept really well that night.