Saturday, July 30, 2011

Karlie loves swim lessons!

We weren't planning on doing swim lessons with Karlie until next year because her age-group is normally in a parent-child class and we figured we could do that ourselves and wanted to save money. But she really wanted to go watch Karis and for the last five weeks, she has sat on the bench with her My-na baby, watching Karis learn how to swim. Every time we go to a pool or lake, she begs Daddy to do "swim lessons" with her and does them every bit as well as her sister. So we figured our little dare devil would be fine in the big girl class and talked with Coach Barbara and signed her up for the last session with Karis. She was ever so excited!!!
Her only sadness was that she would have to leave My-na baby on the bench with Daddy :)
But she quickly forgot about My-na baby and had a blast at swim class!
Karis was there to cheer her on (and try to get away with eating the water, little stinker!)
Here she is waiting for her turn to jump off the side to coach Barbara.

She did a great job int the big-girl class and was actually more eager to try new activities than her more hesitant big sister :) But both of them really love swim class and we are so proud of them both!

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