Monday, July 18, 2011

Allow me to introduce...


(pronounced "uh-lee-suh")

Sorry; I can't show you a picture. That is because Alyssa is Karis' imaginary friend. We've been hearing about her for quite some time now, so I thought it only fair to introduce her to you. Alyssa lives under our kitchen table. Karis "met" her at a restaurant, although she cannot remember which one. Karis (and now Karlie :) are often riding their little pink car under the table to "go see Alyssa." Karlie likes to say, "I go see Alyssa now, Mama, o-tay?"

Alyssa lives with her Daddy and Mama, little sister, and baby brother. She has a kitten named "Polka dot," a Mama cat named "Dot," and a daddy cat named "DJ." Alyssa has 40 bags of treats for Polka Dot. She also has a doggy named Betsy.

Alyssa is lucky enough to eat only blueberry biscuits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She has a dollhouse and lots of people to play with in her house, and she also has her very own kid attic where she keeps the rest of her toys. She can climb up in her attic and play with them when she wants to. Alyssa seems to always be going to a birthday party or a pool or beach.

It seems that everyday I learn something new about Alyssa, so I'm going to start trying to jot it down each time so you can get to know her better :)


Chantry said...

too cute!

i have to say when i first saw the title to this post i thought i would see an ultrasound picture! ha!

your girls are getting so big - and get cuter by the day! love all the updates (still a faithful reader - just haven't been able to comment as often!)

keep enjoying your summer =)

Micha said...

Wow. Alyssa is one very lucky, and busy, invisible friend. Karis obviously has a wonderful imagination!

Meg said...

Chantry, Hah, ha! I never even thought of that! Definitely not hoping for that for at least a year :)

Claire said...

Too cute!