Thursday, June 2, 2011


My heart is aching tonight and I just could not say good-night without a post in remembrance of this sweet little girl. Little Penelope passed away today after a month-long fight for her life. Her mother is one of my friends from childhood and I cannot even imagine the pain she must be going through right now. Please pray for the Spencer and Diaz families over the coming months whenever you think of this sweet baby.

Such a tragedy puts things in perspective. I cannot tell you the amount of times today I have just held my baby and kissed her over and over and cried and whispered my thanks to God for letting me keep her. For keeping her healthy. As much as I love them, my babies are not my own. They are simply entrusted into my care for the time being. A true gift from God. Why my friend was not allowed to keep her precious gift, I will never understand, but I trust God and I know that He is a good God even when I cannot understand.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sad it is for parents to lose their child. God makes no mistakes...and I pray for the parents of this precious child for comfort and strength in the days ahead.