Thursday, June 30, 2011

Karlie Sue at 2.5 years

June marks the half-way point in Karlie's 2nd year, so I thought it was definitely time for an update on her!

Karlie is such a petite little ball of energy, hardly sitting still for a second except to read a book or catch a snuggle. She will often just chatter and sing away during naptime while Karis is conked out beside her. She is very affectionate and very stubborn. She has a great big belly laugh that seems surprising coming out of such a tiny person.

Karlie absolutely hates the potty, but has great control and can keep her big-girl underwear dry all morning until I finally put her diaper on her at naptime. But just don't ask her to use the potty :) Karlie loves her sisters and nothing makes her laugh harder than when she makes Abbi laugh! She has gotten excited about reading to Abbi and will often take a book over to her and make up words for the pictures. It is so cute! She also thinks that she can do absolutely anything that Karis does and she is usually correct :) She has no fear of trying new things and keeps me on my toes on a regular basis.
Karlie has reached the picky stage when it comes to eating and has quickly found that Mama is not a short-order cook. I am thankful that she loves our fresh milk so much because if she does not like what I am fixing, she simply fills up on milk. She will always eat her favorite apple-sausage, home-made cereal or granola, blueberries, peas, power bars, and chocolate cod liver oil.
Like her older sister, Karlie loves to sing and dance. Rather than walking, she pretty much bounces from place to place. Karlie has a very precise, distinctive speech that is so different from the way Karis used to talk at that age. It is odd, but so cute and cracks us up on a regular basis. She picks up phrases that we say a lot and uses them randomly, which is hilarious. Right now, her favorite thing to say is, "So that's why, Mama!" She will also often ask a question and end with "yes or no?" because Karis often does that. Karlie will gladly talk to anyone she sees, both friend and stranger, and will usually immediately introduce herself as "Karwie Sue" and her sisters as "Dardis Wynn" and "Abbi Brace." Oh, it is so cute :)
Karlie is very persistent and will often make the same request over and over and over if the given response is not desired. It is very hard to deter her when her mind is set. I can't wait to see how God uses such determination for His glory as she grows older! For now, we are working on being respectful and not arguing with an undesirable answer to a request :)
Karlie loves being outside and especially playing in water. She will even go outside without Karis and entertain herself in the sandbox and swingset.

Oh, how I love my spunky, affectionate little girl. She is growing up much too fast, but I am enjoying every minute of it!

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