Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Yes, I do know that Memorial Day was about 3 weeks ago. But I'm just now going through the pictures, so please let me enjoy it again!

On Saturday evening as we were in the car going to a graduation party, Mark nonchalantly mentioned that he had just found out that he had Memorial Day off from work. I immediately had the crazy idea that we should head to VA to spend the holiday with our folks. (We had recently been talking about how we couldn't do any major vacations this year, but are just hoping to take many short trips back home to enjoy being with family.)

So the next morning, we packed up for a quick trip to VA! (I won't say that the packing was quick, though... it is amazing how much junk you have to take for 3 kids even when it is just one night!!!)

Karlie found this hat at Grandma and Papa's and thought it was great because it was so sparkly :)
One of the most fun things about Grandma and Papa's house in the sumer is their awesome pool. I didn't really expect for the girls to swim in it this trip, though, because Papa had just opened it yesterday. That means that the water was only about 74 degrees. Too cold for me! I much prefer it to be at least 80, preferably 82! I brought the girls' bathing suits only because I thought they would do the sprinkler again.
But apparently little girls do not care at all how freezing cold they are if they are having a blast in a beautiful pool! They spent every possible waking moment in that pool covered with chill bumps and grinning just as big as their face would let them.
Kudos to Mark and Papa Eric. They win "the most awesome guys ever" award for being willing to get in the chilly pool with the girls.
And Papa Eric was a champ at making the girls squeal hysterically and letting them do crazy things to him (like pour water on his head over and over and over and over and over...)
Here re the dueling turtles that are the girls' absolute favorites! Papa and Daddy would race them back and forth across the pool and the girls would just squeal and laugh!

Karlie got her first swimming lesson as well. She has really enjoyed going to Karis' swim lessons at a local pool and begged Daddy over and over to do the drills she has watched Karis do every week.
And the best part was that the girls got to have BOTH sets of grandparents for the afternoon! Nina and Papa came down to hang out for a while also!
Sweet Abbi slept most of the day, but came out to smile and drool at us in between naps :)

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