Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day at the Lake!

My parents came to visit us for Father's Day and we decided to spend the day at a nearby lake. It was so much fun and we were kicking ourselves for not having gone there in the previous 4 years that we have lived here! We had no idea that such a fun little beach area was so close... we will definitely go many more times this summer!

The girls were so excited and begging to jump in the water while we unloaded our junk :)
Hopping and skipping and splashing into the water:
My sandy big girl:
My fearless swimmer :)

Karis absolutely LOVED the fact that she could freely splash around in water up to her shoulders. The lake was a lot easier than the beach because the girls did not have to hold our hands when they wanted to be in the water because there were no big waves. We still kept them very close, of course, but they definitely enjoyed having a little more freedom to splash around :)
And Karlie wanted Daddy to give her "swimming lessons" all day long :)
The water was fairly warm and Abbi really enjoyed it! I could sit down in the water and bounce her up and down and she would just laugh and squeal. So cute!
Having fun with my baby :)
I didn't watch the time closely enough and Abbi got a little bit overtired and fussy this trip. But a tight snuggle with Grandma or a bounce in my sling made it all better very quickly!
I think a baby in a bathing suit is really the cutest thing ever :)

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