Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back in the Crib!

Like I mentioned in Abbi's 3 month post, she had become addicted to our couch and no longer wanted to take her naps in her crib. That obviously would be a problem soon when she started rolling around, so I transitioned her back to her crib by putting some couch cushions around her in her crib. It worked like a charm and in no time, she was back in her crib again. You might think it doesn't look safe (and believe me, the first few days, I checked on her non-stop), but she never presses her nose against the pillows. She just likes to feel them against her cheek. She is definitely a snuggly baby! She also loves the blue flowers and looks at them and smiles and "talks" to them before she goes to sleep. Hilarious. After about a week of the couch cushions, I switched to some plain extra pillows (our couch was looking a little funny :) and she transitioned nicely again and overcame her blue flower obsession. However, I must admit that if she wakes up from her nap early, I still put her on the couch to finish her nap. So much easier than slinging her or having a tired baby from not getting enough sleep :)

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