Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abbi Grace at 4 Months!

My sweet little chunky monkey is getting so big! She weighs almost 15 pounds now and is just so much fun! Abbi is getting so much more verbal, cooing and squealing almost non-stop when she is awake. She loves for anyone to make faces at her, blow raspberries on her belly, or allow her to grab some hair :) Oh, how she gets so tickled about hair. She will laugh so hard she almost cries when I tickle her with my hair and let her catch it!

Abbi is really into grabbing at everything now and loves her toys hanging from her car seat. I have to be so careful when I hold her at the table because she will grab my plate or cup in an instant!
Abbi started rolling over when she was just a month old, but now she is so chunky that she can no longer do it! Ha! But that doesn't mean that she sits still. No, this girl is constantly in motion, kicking and reaching for toys and craning her neck to see her sisters. She found her toes soon after her 3rd month and hasn't let go since :)
Abbi is sleeping much more soundly at night now, going stretches of 5-7 hours now. Oh, it is wonderful! She still loves her swaddle and pillows in bed and wakes up ever so happy. She is perfectly content to coo and play in her crib for quite a while before I get her up in the morning.
Abbi still has her deep blue eyes that look so much like Karis', so I'm thinking that she will keep them and be fair skinned like her oldest sister. Her hair was mostly dark at birth, but is growing in a bit lighter with reddish undertones.
Abbi continues to be a very easy, low key, happy baby, only fussing when she needs to burp or take a nap. She is still the "spittingest" baby I've had yet, and loves to drench anyone who holds her :)

Abbi absolutely loves her sisters and if they are playing nicely on the floor, I can just set her on a blanket and go do my chores because she will watch them for the longest time. And when they smile and talk to her, oh it just makes her day! We all just adore this sweet baby girl!
(Oh, and did I mention the drool? Definitely working on those teeth :)

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