Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After a big storm Friday night, our neighborhood was crawling with turtles that had decided to escape the nearby duck pond. You might not find this very exciting, but to my little girls, it was the most exciting day ever! And they wanted to "rescue" all the turtles that we found by taking them back to the duck pond.

I know, I know, I should have never allowed Karlie to pick up a turtle. But we talked about how they bite and how she should not let her fingers get close to its mouth and boy was she determined to carry it all the way to the duckpond!
"Mama turtle bite-a THIS finger!!" (that is the phrase Karlie used every single time she told anyone about the turtle.) So we threw the turtle down in the field, I carried both Karlie and Abbi back to the house, we washed her finger, and put a Hello Kitty bandaid on it. All was right with the world again and the girls were still determined to rescue the turtle! So we grabbed a kitty bucket and went to search for the mean Mama turtle in the field. (They called it a Mama turtle because we found a baby turtle a long time ago and a bigger turtle on our way to the pond, so obviously this one was the Mama!) The trip to the pond was highly exciting because we kept finding turtles and they wanted to rescue each one. And then a truck pulled up with a great big humongous grand-daddy of all turtles (Seriously, it was as big as this 13-inch laptop!) which was even more exciting. So all in all, quite a memorable day :)
And today we found this tiny turtle that looks a little scary if you ask me!

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Laura said...

yeah, that would be a snapping turtle. make sure you stay away from those! but cool post though! i know my 4 yr. old would be thrilled to pieces if we found turtles!