Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun with Grandma and Papa

Every Easter, my parents help the girls plant seeds. This year, they had a combination of vegetables and flowers. Karlie got a little crazy/ excited, so Mom said that we will probably have tomatoes growing with our sunflowers :)
Karis was very serious and precise about her job :)
Another tradition at Grandma and Papa's house is to help Papa make blueberry pancakes. In this picture, the girls are showing off their blue-stained fingers (some of the pancakes that morning were missing blueberries and the hands prove why :)

And of course they had to dye Easter eggs! This was Karlie's first year and she was quite excited and insistent on how she wanted it done!
Karlie would most often just stick her hand right in the dye to get it out -- she usually had no patience to wait for help
Karis, on the other hand, was meticulous about it and didn't even get any dye on her fingers during the process.

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