Friday, May 13, 2011

Abbi Grace at 3 months!

So hard to believe this sweet baby is 3 months old already!!!! How did that happen? I am really treasuring each moment this time around... I well remember how quickly they change and I have just enjoyed Abbi so much! I know my body won't be able to handle too many more pregnancies and I just never want this baby stage to end :)

Abbi is such an easy baby. She is usually smiling the entire time she is awake (unless she has to burp :), until she gets tired. Then she will start to fuss and I just wrap her up and she falls asleep. She absolutely LOVES to watch her big sisters or Daddy and will just stare at them and laugh at them as they go crazy in the house.

Karlie has become quite the sweet big sister to Abbi. She used to unintentionally hurt Abbi at least once a week by falling on her, dropping something on her, or poking at her. But this last month Karlie has seemed to be more aware and has just been ever so sweet to Abbi. She is always asking to "hold Abbi's hand?" and will just sit beside her, holding her hand, and smiling. She also LOVES to give Abbi her paci and will run from across the room, trampling everything in her path, "screaming, "just me! Just me!" to get to the paci before I give it to Abbi. And once she gives it to Abbi she is so proud of herself :)
In this picture, Karis is holding Abbi's teether, which Abbi appreciates. Abbi has really started putting everything in her mouth and drooling up a storm, so we know that teeth are starting to work their way down.
I started giving Abbi a tiny bit of unflavored fermented cod liver oil this week and she doesn't seem to mind. She mainly looks a little confused until I grin and coo at her and then she grins back so I don't think it bothers her at all :)
See Abbi laying there on the couch? Well, believe it or not, that is her favorite place to sleep. During her 2nd month of life she was a little restless at night and I got into the habit of just laying her on the couch beside me while I relaxed in the evenings. Evidently, she got used to it because she will now sleep better there than anywhere else! She usually wakes up from her nap after only 45 minutes and won't go back to sleep in her crib, but if I throw her on the couch, she conks out immediately for another hour! It is hilarious. She even manages to sleep there when the girls are playing crazy in the living room as well, although I usually do try to get them to go outside if I am desperate for Abbi to take a good nap :) This is going to be a hard habit to break once she starts rolling around more... I never would have guessed she would have gotten so addicted to the couch!
And as you can tell, Abbi usually wakes up happy! The girls LOVE it when she sleeps on the couch because they get to help unwrap her when it is time to wake her up and see her big smiles :) We just all love this baby so much!

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