Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Us lately

We've been having a quiet time the past few weeks... just enjoying our girls and trying to get onto our "new normal" routine. I try to only have one errand/ outing day a week and to stay home the rest of the week. My girls do so much better on a routine and it definitely helps me to stay less exhausted and get more done. Abbi is almost two months old, but I still find it hard to squeeze everything into my day that I want to get done!

But we haven't been bored in the least!

We have had a lot of dressing up going on...
Although they are very cute, seeing my girls in wedding-like dresses is a little disconcerting... but paired with the fuzzy crocs, I can't help but smile!
And Karlie's hat fetish adds a lot to her dress as well :)
Abbi has not been immune to the "people" invasion that has taken over our house... She doesn't even notice when she is sleeping, but when she is laying on her back, she loves for Karis to show her the different people --- she will track them with her eyes and smile at them.

Notice the way she is asleep in my lap -- that is how she falls asleep most of the time. She is not one that normally needs to be heartily rocked and bounced -- she just likes to see that I am right there and she will usually fall asleep easily. Usually in the evenings, I just swaddle her and set her on the couch beside me and she conks out while I relax. Such a difference from Karlie, who needed to be bounced pretty much continually in the evenings during her 2nd and 3rd month!

And she never tires of watching her big sisters!
She normally does not like it when I put her on her belly and will flip right over... but if the big girls are nearby, she forgets to flip and watches them in amazement until her head gets too tired.
Such a contented baby!

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Lauren said...

I bet you are so glad that she is so content! She is looking more and more like the older two the bigger she gets! All 3 are so beautiful!