Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Sweet Baby... amazing!

This sweet baby never ceases to amaze me...
This sweet baby rode in the car for 4 hours without making a peep. AMAZING! I have NEVER had a car ride with a baby where I did not have to break my back by turning around to soothe for at least half the trip! But Abbi is quite content to watch the big girls sing and chat for a while, sleep a bunch, and then watch some more. She didn't even ask to be fed, even though I usually feed her every 3 hours during the day! AMAZING!
This sweet baby did not care at all that she was sleeping in random places for naps and night-time during our busy trip. AMAZING! She fell asleep without a fuss no matter where she was. She doesn't even require rocking, (although I still do it some because I love it so much :) but will fall asleep anywhere, as long as she is either swaddled, in a sling, or in her carseat with a paci. She usually falls asleep for the night around 7pm and will sleep until I wake her to feed her around 11pm before I go to bed. I have never had a baby whose sleep didn't get messed up by traveling and I've never had a baby who would go peacefully to sleep without any bouncing at all! AMAZING!

I'm not sure how long this amazingly easy stage will last, so I am trying to enjoy it while I can! Oh, how I love her and just want to kiss those sweet cheeks all day long!

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